My first post

Okay so to start off I will introduce myself, my name is Jess and I’m 20 years old. I live in London and I work in a nursery. 

Why have I decided to make a blog?

I’ve always admired those who made blogs and have always been intrigued to do so myself. So I thought Why not? So here I am, I made a blog and I’m writing my very first post, in an uber on the way to work, classic eh?

What will your blog be about?

Well mainly makeup and I love love love it, I really want to start travelling so perhaps when I start I will post about that too and other beauty related things. 

Why makeup?

I believe makeup is a form of art, I don’t wear it to impress others or for anyone’s benefit but purely for my own. I like looking in the mirror and seeing glitter on my eyelids and a shimmer on my cheekbones it is oddly satisfying. (Totally not weird I know) makeup has been my growing passion for the past year and a bit, I love trying new makeup and experimenting with new techniques.

So with this blog I thought I could write reviews on what products I use and what I think of them and who knows it may be valuable information to some people (I hope so anyways!) I’m not qualified in makeup or anything as of yet but I am considering starting a makeup course and trying to get into the industry. 

The end of the introduction? 

So this is all I can think of saying in my first ever blog post! 

Thank you for reading and please check out my future posts!