BLOGMAS – DAY 6 – My Christmas traditions

Hey guys,

Happy Wednesday! We’re already halfway through the week woohoo!

Today’s Blogmas post is going to be on my Christmas traditions, if you missed yesterday’s post you can check it out here.

When I initially thought of this idea I thought I had more traditions than I actually do, so it may be a little brief! But I guess it’s more about the quality of the traditions than the quantity, right?

So let’s get started, my Christmas traditions are:

• Spending a day with my parents putting up Christmas decorations (spoke in more detail in yesterday’s post)

• 12 days of chocolate- my dad used to hide 12 chocolate angels on my Christmas tree and on the 12 days leading up to Christmas I was allowed to eat one piece of chocolate. They used to tell me that fairies put them on the tree for me. (Definitely going to do this for my future children)

• Opening a present on Christmas Eve, me and my mum and dad used to all sit together and would choose one present to open (we weren’t allowed to choose the big ones)

• Box of chocolates, mostly heroes or celebrations on the whole month of December. We would snack on them when watching Christmas movies. It was so cute

• Having our Christmas meal all together, with crackers of course!

• On Christmas Day after opening presents, we sit down and watch a Christmas movie that’s normally on ITV1 together then my mum starts cooking and me and my dad watch another movie together

• When I was younger my parents would bring me to Butlins, which is like a holiday camp/park (sort of) which is great for children! I used to love going there

• We always would go see a pantomime, I used to love it so much!

That’s all of them! (I double checked with my dad) you may have noticed that I used past tense in some of the traditions as I no longer do some of them now as I’ve gotten older and the relationship with my parents has changed dramatically.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s posts and can relate to some of my traditions!

Please leave a comment on what your traditions are, I’d love to hear about them!

Love, Jess x


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