BLOGMAS – DAY 11 – What Christmas means to me

Hey guys,

Christmas has a special meaning to a lot of people but a lot of people like it for many different reasons.

What it means to me

Christmas is my favourite time of year and to me it means spending time with those close to me (friends, family… etc). Relaxing, watching Christmas movies, going Christmas shopping. Also about giving back to those who mean a lot to me to show my appreciation and gratitude. I also spend this time reflect on all that’s happened in the past year and how I want things to go in the next year!

My favourite things about Christmas
  1. I am a huge chocolate lover so of course the excuse to eat more of it would make me very happy! When I was little I used to have two advent calendars (one for the morning and one for the afternoon
  2. Going to visit the Christmas markets and winter wonderland. Not only are Christmas markets probably the most instagramable thing, they’re often filled with the best atmosphere as every one is getting into the festive spirit! Winter wonderland is also one of my most favourite things as it has so much to do and can appeal to nearly everyone! It’s become a new tradition that I have to go there every year at Christmas time!
  3. Watching Christmas movies all snuggled up with a hot drink and listening to the Christmas songs, keeps my festive spirit sky high!
What Christmas means to others

Sophie “Christmas to me means spending time with people who you care about, taking some time out for yourself to be festive and enjoy the season, and give to others wherever you can”

Bexa “Christmas is all about family, friends, food & fun! I love that it is a season for giving, spreading love, joy & making people happy! It’s such a special and memorable time of year, it’s brilliant!”

Lise “Christmas for me is a season of being selfless and paying some extra attention to those close to you and others who need a little something to get through the holidays. I love volunteering and giving gifts and enjoying the looks on people’s faces afterwards.”

Rebecca “Christmas is seeing people’s faces light up, eating delicious food, de-stressing the mind and most importantly giving to others. I love spending time with all my family and doing the same thing at Christmas we’ve done year in year out.”

Scandi Lifestyle “Christmas is about slowing down after another year has past, spend time with family and friends and just enjoy yourself.”

Jenny “To me it means spending quality time with family as I’ve grown up and realised it’s not all about the presents. It’s about spending quality time with family and enjoying the food and family time.”

Angela “To me it’s all about getting to decorate your house all pretty and cozy, taking the time to watch movies with my boyfriend on the couch with a cozy blanket and having Christmas dinner with the whole family! I just love the concept of kids running around playing and the adults sitting on the table talking…I also love that you get to do a lot of baking!”

Shrina “Family time, being with the ones you love and the start of making new memories”

It’s lovely to hear everyone’s different meanings as everyone’s reasons are so different and unique.

What does Christmas mean to you? Leave a comment below

Thank you for reading today’s post! If you missed yesterday’s post (favourite festive songs) you can check it out here.

Love, Jess x


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  1. To me Christmas is all about Christ!! It’s a time where I feel I really get to celebrate and worship Him, and that’s one thing I really love about Christmas!! However, I also love the fact that it is an excuse to eat more than I should, watch such happy movies, and listen to all the corny Christmas songs!!xx

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