BLOGMAS – DAY 18 – Christmas treats

Hey guys,

Welcome to day 18 of my Blogmas! I hope you’re enjoying it so far!

Today’s post is a different one for me as it’s food related and I’ve never done one like this before so fingers crossed!

Correct me if I’m wrong but one of the best parts of Christmas is eating! That includes of course the Christmas dinner itself but also chocolates and baked goodies all through December. And of course you can buy these goodies from a coffee shop, bakery or your local supermarket but nothing is more satisfying (and fun) than making them yourself!

This year I haven’t done much baking as such at home but have done at work with the children! We have made snowmen banana cake, star jam sandwiches and shortbread cookies decorated as snowflakes; I think I enjoyed it more than the kids did! (Oops)

I absolutely love Pinterest for recipes for treats such as these, here are a few of my favourites down below:

Brownie Christmas Trees

Reindeer Rice Krispies

Christmas covered strawberries Christmas trees

White chocolate dipped ginger cookies

There are so many different ideas out there! Just google or Pinterest it and you’ll find so many good ideas!

Have you done any Christmas baking this year? If yes, what did you bake?

If you missed yesterday’s post check it out here.

Love, Jess x


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23 thoughts on “BLOGMAS – DAY 18 – Christmas treats”

  1. I did a post like this the other day (and I was also browsing pinterest). I picked those christmas tree brownies as my favorite because they’re cute and I just love brownies. Those ginger cookies are super cute and I bet those taste amazing too. I like ginger cookies.

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