BLOGMAS – DAY 20 – The Christmas Tag

Hey guys,

Welcome to my 20th Blogmas post, today I’m doing the Christmas Tag! I was tagged by Judanna and Emily, thank you both so much!

So let’s get started!

1. Favourite Christmas Movie & Why?

Elf! Well who DOESN’T love elf?!! It’s such a funny and feel good Christmas movie!

2. Top 3 Songs On Your Christmas Playlist?

Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande, Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid and It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas – Michael Bublé

3. Favourite Christmas Tradition?

My current tradition is going to winter wonderland every year and so far it’s definitely my favourite! Love going there as there’s so much to do and see!

4. What Is On Your Christmas Bucket List?

To go to the Christmas markets in Berlin, was going to go this year but looks like it’ll be next year haha

5. Buddy The Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge?

Definitely buddy the elf!!! I love Christmas!

6. Best Thing About Being A Parent At Christmas (alternative if not a parent; Favourite Thing About Christmas For You?

My favourite thing about Christmas is the atmosphere and the movies! I love getting snug and watching a Christmas movie, makes me feel so festive!

7. What Is One Present You Asked For As A Child, But Never Received?

A dog! Every single year I wrote on my list that I wanted a dog, never happened! Got a soft toy though and a dog robot.

8. Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?

When I was little we used to have a mini roast, watch Christmas movies and open one present the night before. This has stopped though unfortunately

9. Which Festive Beverage Tickles Your Tinsel?

It’s crazy but I’ve never actually tried mulled wine and I don’t know any other festive drinks so I’m just gonna say my usual favourite which is vodka and cranberry.

10. Best Present You Ever Received?

My first ever iPod, I had saved up for it for months (before I had a job) and I had the right amount of money for it on Christmas Eve but my dad insisted the shops would be waaaay too busy, and that I should wait till after Christmas. Then the next day woke up and found out he had got it for me as a Christmas present!

11. Sprouts on Christmas Dinner? Yay Or Nay?


12. What Would be your ideal Christmas?

Surrounded by my own family hopefully one day, I think Christmas is way more special when there’s a young child in the family. I can’t wait to have Christmasses with my future children.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I’m not going to tag anyone but if you want to do this post please feel free to!

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Thank you for reading,

Love, Jess x


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BLOGMAS – DAY 13 – Winter Self Care Tips

Hey guys,

Welcome to day 13 of Blogmas! I am pretty shocked that I’ve made it this far tbh but here we are!

Today’s post is some winter self care tips! As I know Christmas is all about giving and loving others it is also important to take care of yourself!

Here are some tips, I hope you find them helpful:

Get plenty of fresh air – I know it’s tempting to stay snuggled up in bed watching Christmas movies and drinking hot drinks during this season but it is so important to get fresh air. To make it more festive you could go visit Christmas markets and Christmas lights, that way you’re getting fresh air in a festive way!

Pamper yourself – as it’s the holidays take this time to completely relax and de-stress! Face masks, manicures, bath bombs…you name it! Do something that makes you happy.

Organisation – this season gets super busy and hectic for the most of us, and if you’re like me you can’t survive without a diary/planner. Without mine I’d be lost as my memory is like a fish. Organisation doesn’t just work by note form it also could be in your bedroom, organising a shelf, cupboard or draw can really help to declutter your space. You don’t need to declutter all at once, do bit by bit and make it fun! (Well as fun as you can)

Sleep more – yes more! Sleep is SO important for your health and is a good way to recuperate after the stress of Christmas. Resist that urge to watch another episode on Netflix, I know it’s hard but it’ll still be there tomorrow! Your body will thank you for even one more hour of sleep!

Take a break from social media – I really do feel that we are all very dependent on social media nowadays (myself included, I can imagine Graham nodding his head right now as he calls me ‘hooked’). Don’t get me wrong social media is great! But too much….not so great. This links along with the pamper yourself point. We all need some ‘me’ time, without it we would crack up. You can be the most chattiest person alive and still need a break from socialising. And like the famous saying “too much of a good thing is bad”.

When I say take a break I don’t mean be drastic and not go on your phone for a week, because people will definitely worry! Just take a few minutes out of your day to put down your phone, read a book, have a bubble bath, meditate or go for a walk! It definitely works as I’m starting to try myself! I do this before I go to bed, I put my phone down, read some of my book then go to bed; and I’ve definitely been sleeping better since!

Spend time with those you love – it is so important to spend quality time with those who are close to you, that may be your girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, friend or family member. Every moment is a memory so let’s make each moment count! Spending time with others doesn’t need to be expensive! It could be as simple as a movie day or a pamper day, I love having these sort of days as it’s nice to just chill out together and catch up.

Be positive – yes it is hard sometimes to maintain positive but even just one quote a morning can really help. Standing in front of your mirror and saying to yourself “you can do this” became you can! You can do anything that you put your mind to! Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Embrace the season – don’t be a Scrooge! It’s Christmas! Eat that chocolate if you want too, buy that dress if you want too, it’s okay to treat yourself! (I tell myself that every time I buy myself a new palette from urban decay or boots..)

The ultimate self care tip is to love yourself!

These are all I have today. I hope they have helped you to think of ways to take care of yourself this festive season!

Thank you for reading today’s post, your ongoing support really does mean the world to me!

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Love, Jess x


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BLOGMAS – DAY 11 – What Christmas means to me

Hey guys,

Christmas has a special meaning to a lot of people but a lot of people like it for many different reasons.

What it means to me

Christmas is my favourite time of year and to me it means spending time with those close to me (friends, family… etc). Relaxing, watching Christmas movies, going Christmas shopping. Also about giving back to those who mean a lot to me to show my appreciation and gratitude. I also spend this time reflect on all that’s happened in the past year and how I want things to go in the next year!

My favourite things about Christmas
  1. I am a huge chocolate lover so of course the excuse to eat more of it would make me very happy! When I was little I used to have two advent calendars (one for the morning and one for the afternoon
  2. Going to visit the Christmas markets and winter wonderland. Not only are Christmas markets probably the most instagramable thing, they’re often filled with the best atmosphere as every one is getting into the festive spirit! Winter wonderland is also one of my most favourite things as it has so much to do and can appeal to nearly everyone! It’s become a new tradition that I have to go there every year at Christmas time!
  3. Watching Christmas movies all snuggled up with a hot drink and listening to the Christmas songs, keeps my festive spirit sky high!
What Christmas means to others

Sophie “Christmas to me means spending time with people who you care about, taking some time out for yourself to be festive and enjoy the season, and give to others wherever you can”

Bexa “Christmas is all about family, friends, food & fun! I love that it is a season for giving, spreading love, joy & making people happy! It’s such a special and memorable time of year, it’s brilliant!”

Lise “Christmas for me is a season of being selfless and paying some extra attention to those close to you and others who need a little something to get through the holidays. I love volunteering and giving gifts and enjoying the looks on people’s faces afterwards.”

Rebecca “Christmas is seeing people’s faces light up, eating delicious food, de-stressing the mind and most importantly giving to others. I love spending time with all my family and doing the same thing at Christmas we’ve done year in year out.”

Scandi Lifestyle “Christmas is about slowing down after another year has past, spend time with family and friends and just enjoy yourself.”

Jenny “To me it means spending quality time with family as I’ve grown up and realised it’s not all about the presents. It’s about spending quality time with family and enjoying the food and family time.”

Angela “To me it’s all about getting to decorate your house all pretty and cozy, taking the time to watch movies with my boyfriend on the couch with a cozy blanket and having Christmas dinner with the whole family! I just love the concept of kids running around playing and the adults sitting on the table talking…I also love that you get to do a lot of baking!”

Shrina “Family time, being with the ones you love and the start of making new memories”

It’s lovely to hear everyone’s different meanings as everyone’s reasons are so different and unique.

What does Christmas mean to you? Leave a comment below

Thank you for reading today’s post! If you missed yesterday’s post (favourite festive songs) you can check it out here.

Love, Jess x


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BLOGMAS – DAY 5 – sharing my Christmas tree 🎄

Hey guys, welcome to day 5 of my Blogmas!

In today’s post I am going to show you my Christmas tree and talk about any meaningful decorations that I have!

If you’ve missed yesterday’s post (gift guide for her) you can check it out here.

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is putting the Christmas tree up and decorating the whole house Christmassy! It just makes the house so cosy and festive which makes it even nicer during the festive season.

We normally set up the tree on the first weekend in December, so this year the tree went up on Saturday the 2nd of December.

When I was younger the routine was that my dad would put up the tree and me and my mum would put up the decorations. Now it’s slightly different, my dad still puts up the tree, my mum decorates most of the tree and I do the finishing touches.

When I was little, the tradition was that I would get to choose one new decoration each year, that stopped for a few years but has started again this year!

So without further ado let me show you my tree(s) and some meaningful decorations!

This is my Christmas tree, over the years it’s gotten smaller as my mum doesn’t like wide trees, I personally preferred it when it was wider but it’s still cute like this! Obviously my cat is a fan, unlimited amount of ‘toys’ dangling there for her to play with..

This decoration was bought for me by my Nan, it’s been my favourite colour for years and I love how pretty it looks! It’s meaningful as it represents the love she has for our family.

This is also a favourite of mine as it was bought for me by my auntie who I am really close with. I love how cute the elf is as well!

This is one of my favourites as I got it when I was a child and wanted to be a princess, my parents always said it was me and places it near the top each year!

This is the Christmas tree that I have in my bedroom, it’s not as impressive as a big tree but I love it and it makes my room feel extra Christmassy!

This is a decoration that Graham bought me from Winter Wonderland this year, I love it!

Thank you for reading today’s post, I hope you enjoyed seeing my Christmas tree and hearing some of the meanings behind it. Tomorrow’s post will be ‘my Christmas traditions’ which I’ve slightly touched on in today’s post.

When do you normally put up you Tree? Comment below

Love, Jess x


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